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# 2011

Culture Series: Tribute to Red Feather

12" x 24" x " | Acrylic | $1,450.00

Status: Available

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The Culture Series celebrates the past as legacy, the present as contemporary expression, & the future as continued tradition as vibrant & expressive people groups share the essence of their culture. Every ethnicity has a story to tell. The treasure from a long unopened trunk, knowledge of the Creator, newly discovered artifacts in cave or trail, a baptismal gown passed down generation to generation, a precious & skillfully crafted arrowhead, perhaps oppression- all a heritage to treasure. Precious gifts from ages past to the future generations: where we came from to whom we have become. Richly woven patterns reveal the legacy of generations making this more precious tapestry than blanket. Artisan attention to detail revealed in pottery & beadwork & a traditional Tribute to Red Feather.



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