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# 2009

Culture Series: Evening Star

24" x 18" x " | Acrylic | $2,200.00

Status: Available

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The Culture Series celebrates the past as legacy, the present as contemporary expression, & the future as continued tradition as vibrant & expressive people groups share the essence of their culture. Every ethnicity has a story to tell. The treasure from a long unopened trunk, knowledge of the Creator, newly discovered artifacts in cave or trail, a baptismal gown passed down generation to generation, a precious & skillfully crafted arrowhead, perhaps oppression- all a heritage to treasure. Precious gifts from ages past to the future generations: where we came from to whom we have become. On anyone else, flamboyant, but in these moonlit hours he is elegant & regal as the moonlight reveals the intricacies of costume & headdress. He is truly, Evening Star.



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